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Go with the flow as you see yourself grow and flourish in Bali

Whether you are wanting to extend your practice of yoga or just stretch out after a long, hectic travel, Bali fits the bill. This yoga sanctuary leaves you with a renewed energy ready to take back home with a new vision and a happy mind.

Bali and Yoga

Bali just about identifies itself with yoga, a beautiful tropical paradise where masses flock every year to unite with its locals, other fellow yogis, and above all to connect with themselves. Be it a course in yoga teacher training or a relaxing retreat to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul , Bali has it all! Visit this tropical paradise to get married to the healing magic of yoga and the conspicuous vibes reflected by its infinite number of ethnic temples and rich cultural heritage.


Go for the best yoga teacher training in Bali

The best yoga school in Bali , The Himalayan Yoga Association in Ubud is a ‘home away from home’ offering food and accommodation, massage therapy, yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats and more. Join this yoga school in Bali to meet and interact with a vibrant community alive with energy, positivity and enthusiasm. Our warm and student-friendly yoga instructors will guide you with their experience in your path to learning the art of yoga the right way. Currently we conduct 100 hour yoga teacher training in Bali, 200 hours yoga teacher training in Bali, 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali, 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Bali. All our courses are affiliated by yoga alliance USA, Yoga alliance UK, Yoga alliance international.We also hold meaningful and interesting yoga retreats throughout the year for those looking for short term courses.

Finding your true self at Himalayan Yoga Association in Bali

In our day-to-day ‘rat race’ , we tend to drift apart from our true self, unable to exude the unsurpassed side of us. At such point in life, what we need is that guiding light to find our way back. Himalayan Yoga Association offers this guiding light in the form of yoga to reconnect with ourselves and our true being. So illuminate your path and rediscover it through yoga education at Himalayan Yoga Association in Bali. Feel a strong sense of belonging and at ease within our relaxing environment of our serene premises here in Bali.


Unique ‘family –like’ environment

Our yoga school environment here in Bali is an environment that lets you be who you are. It gives you a great opportunity to learn asanas, try them out, make mistakes while performing, learn from those mistakes and perform again with perfection. Remember, as a student of this elite yoga school in Bali, you have the constant support of a ‘family’ to guide you, nurture you and take care of your needs. We welcome you to our yoga school in Bali to be a part of this big family. Find your answers that you are seeking at our yoga school. Just give us a knock and we will open our doors for you.

So are you ready to witness and experience a life changing experience in Bali? Then pack your bags and book your flight for this must-visit destination that awaits you.

Get in Touch:
Address: Jl. Campuhan III, Singakerta, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Contact: 9760206223
Email: info@baliyogaschool.com
Website: https://www.baliyogaschool.com/

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