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Sometimes, while browsing through photographs, you may have been attracted towards serene and tranquil scenes, picturesque views of mountains and beautiful water bodies of lakes and rivers. And then, you may dream of being a part of it all enjoying the endowments of nature. Bring life to such photographs by visiting such environment yourself which exists in reality. Of course, you will find the same in various destinations of the world, however, if you are a yogi enthusiast with the traveller in you, then the ‘Yoga Capital of the world’- Rishikesh in India awaits you. The ancient ashrams, yoga and meditation centers and peaceful sacred surroundings favouring yoga practices is what makes this small town in India one of the most sought-after destinations for yogi enthusiasts. Visitors from nations far and wide make it to this holy land to educate and enlighten themselves on the various styles of yoga while performing asanas on the banks of the sacred Ganges situated in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Rishikesh and its continuing age old association with Yoga

A spiritual abode inspiring others to delve deep in meditation and yoga, it is believed that visiting this holy destination in India and going through the vedic studies offered by ashrams here will show one the path to ‘Moksha’ or freedom from the cycle of rebirths. Some learned and renowned personalities such as Swami Rama Tirtha, Swami Shivananda and Swami Vivekananda, have been said to have stepped their foot in this humble soil to study and explore the subject on yoga and yogic philosophy.

How Rishikesh rose to international fame

An interesting story on how Rishikesh became an international fame mentions the year 1968 when this place was visited by the musical fame “The Beatles” . During their stay here at Mahesh Yogi’s Ashram (closed as of now), the band is said to have composed near about 48 songs. Many of these songs have come into view on the White Album. Similarly,there have been numerous other such popular artists, yogis and spirituals visiting Rishikesh to participate in religious activities and to dedicate themselves towards learning and practicing Yoga at the ashrams.


What Yoga is all about

Yoga is not only about winding your body in various ways; it entails more and differs from some perceptions about it. This vast subject extends to meditation, pranayamas or breathing styles, and asanas or postures. It also maintains a balance between our mind, body, and breath. This extensive art form has been referred by many as a form of activity which takes into account the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the individual while bringing in inner peace and satisfaction. The 1980’s saw the inception of yoga and its benefits in the west , introduced by Swami Vivekananda – a great Hindu spiritual from India. He contributed to this field by spreading the knowledge on the multi-faceted benefits of practicing yoga, to the western world.

It is strongly believed by people that yoga is an effective therapy for healing serious diseases also such as schizopherenia, asthma and cancer and when practiced regularly and religiously, it leads to the improvement of the muscular-skeletal and mental well-being of patients.

The history of Yoga- Facts you didn’t know!

  • Yoga was first mentioned in “Katha Upanishad” – an ancient Hindu Scripture which meant “steady control on senses.”
  • Ancient India considered it as a route towards attaining an eternal peace of mind.
  • The Indus Valley Civilisation used Yogic postures which has been cited in Indian transcripts such as the Bhagvad Gita, Mokshdharma and the Upanishads.
  • Yoga has also been mentioned in the Mahabharata in various terms such as “Gyan Yoga.” “Karma Yoga,” and “Bhakti Yoga,”

Yoga Asanas – postures involved

In the subject of yoga,you will find the presence of more than 20 asanas, each of which positively impacts the body.

How Yoga benefits your body

Get rid of all your health issues by adopting yoga in your life. Besides purifying the entire body and soul, practicing yoga synchronizes your mind, body and breath and thus keeps you happy and peaceful. Here is a peek into some of the innumerable benefits that Yoga has to offer:

  • It builds immunity, and boosts up your energy levels which is specially needed at your workplace everyday.
  • Yoga can benefit you through all aspects – physical, mental, and emotionals via the performance of the various asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.
  • Certain yogic practices like Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation), Kapal bhati and breathing techniques, can help you shed those unwanted pounds thus making you and let you feel fit and fine .
  • The various asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation lead to your achievement of inner peace and satisfaction.
  • Yoga impacts your overall health and well being giving you a rejuvenated body and mind.

The best Yoga courses in Rishikesh

Add dynamism to your being, gain the knowledge & confidence that you have been seeking so far to extend the concepts of yoga to others around you, deepen your know-how on the yogic philosophy through the yoga courses conducted at several yoga schools in Rishikesh that impart transformational teaching. Read further to identify the best programs being conducted by the best yoga school in Rishikesh.


200 Hour certified Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

This course offers an in-depth knowledge on the different forms of yoga. Through this basic yet exhaustive course, you will gain an insight into both the theory and practice of yoga. The course curriculum includes pranayama, spirituality, life force and oneness. Transform your way of thinking and lifestyle as you pursue this foundational course on yoga teacher training.

Course highlights :

  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology-
  • Mastering The Asanas (Postures)-
  • Yoga Philosophy-
  • Meditation & Mantra Chanting-
  • Pranayama
  • Ayurveda
  • Teaching methodology
  • Teaching Practice

300 Hour Certified Yoga Training Course in Rishikesh

The 300 Hour Certified Yoga Training Course gives an added edge to the program. It includes a more detailed information on the different forms of yoga ranging from illustrating the inner associations of asanas to the study of anatomy.

Course highlights

  • Mastering Hatha / Vinyasa Flow
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Mudra (yoga gestures)
  • Shatkarma (yoga cleansing)
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Mastering Ashtanga Postures (Primary Series)
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Chapter no 1st
  • Chapter no 2nd
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Dhyana (Meditation)
  • Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

Certified 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Training Program

Alternatively, you have the option to combine the above two courses on 200 hour yoga teacher training and 300 hour yoga teacher training , resulting in a 500 hour advanced teacher training program which comprises of the final professional degree in yoga teacher training . The training focuses on advanced Yoga by incorporating the history of yoga, study of Vedas, mudra formations, mantra chanting and so on.

yoga-teacher=training (4)

Course Highlights

  • Mastering Hatha / Vinyasa Flow
  • Mastering Ashtanga Postures (Primary Series)
  • Questions & Answer / Feedback by teacher on improvements
  • Teaching methods/ Teaching by students
  • Introduction to Traditional Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa & sun salutation A & B
  • Detailed study about Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Spiritual training of the mind & body

Where to pursue quality Yoga teacher training course from Rishikesh

For those wanting to pursue their career in teaching yoga,there is no dearth of yoga schools and ashrams here in Rishikesh . However, while selecting the right yoga school, do confirm if the school is certified by Yoga Alliance which sets the standards for teaching yoga. In Rishikesh, you will find many Yoga schools being operated by accomplished teachers and yoga gurus who guide the students towards discovering their capabilities through traditional yoga. Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh is one such renowned school that you can believe in to help you deepen your know-how on yoga and gear up yourself to propagate this ancient form of art to the world. We conduct Multi-Style in 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. Our courses are affiliated by yoga alliance USA, Yoga alliance UK, Yoga alliance inter-national.

Check some of our interesting features included in the course fee offered by us:

  • 30 nights shared and hygienic Accommodation
  • Daily nutritious vegetarian meals served thrice daily and teas
  • Exciting Weekend excursions
  • Comprehensive Course material
  • One the Himalayas sightseeing trip
  • Free taxi-pickup from (DED) dehradun airport
  • Kirtan nights on Saturdays
  • Every saturday movie (8:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

Couse Fee segregation

Private Accommodation- 180 USD Extra

Air-conditioner- 130 USD Extra


Why choose Rishikesh

Visit Rishikesh to enrich your mind, body and spirit with the invaluable teachings of traditional yoga – a gift you will treasure forever. These teachings have been passed on from the generations to yoga gurus who have been preserving this treasure. Rishikesh is home to these yogis and ethnic yoga ashrams. This sacred land and Himalayan Yoga Association truly promises you a unique experience to remember.

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